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Meeting with an Aghori


Searching for a guru is a fundamental part of our spiritual lives, that’s why I vagabonded on this planet searching for the spark that could light the sacred fire that was already in me. That’s because I draw on from various sources, thirsty of knowledge. I must say that Nath and Aghori Babas have always aroused a strong attraction in me than any other reality I met on my spiritual path.

One day, in my wander, I reached Omkareshwar. I was attracted by Joth lingam, the Narmada River and the island with the form of OM at the heart of the River. I came from Hampi: in peace on the bank of the river, between meditations and fasting, with the long bhajan and fragrant cilum near the fire with friends, between the smooth, multicolored rocks and water that flowed spurting.

It was seven months that I wasn’t speaking (mun), observing one of the best sadhana to know the human soul, in that silence I have learnt to listen to the others, to the Mother, to myself.

As I arrived to Omkareshwar, a friend Puri Baba said: "there is one of your brother at the heart of the island, let’s go to find him!". I nodded and curiously we start to walk towards GoriSomnath Mandir, an ancient complex partly in ruins, where  is the most ancient and largest lingam stone in India. The Mandir was not open to the public and all around there were archaeological excavations. There had their austerity Parvati, the Pandava and many of the great Indian wise and the majesty of the three floor Mandir underscore it. There was an indescribable charm, every pore of my skin felt a kind of electricity from the temple. It was located exactly at the heart of the island, at the meeting of the three lines forming the OM.

I looked around and saw a small ashram, Puri Baba told me that we were arrived, so we approached the ashram to take darshan, after a ritual pranam we sat down near the dhuni. Krishna Das Aghori was smiling and our eyes met for the first time.

I tried several times to describe this moment, but I never succeed, the words I feel are all limited and limiting, that meeting of eyes communicate an enormity of things and at the same time was further any communication. That silence between us was a song, those benevolent eyes let get a glimpse of ancient yantra, those hearts was joined and we felt like one thing.

My friend, after a while, went away but I stayed there in silence. I listened to the essence of Avadhut Gita exposed easily by Krishna Das Aghori and my heart  flew high as a hawk, it was what my inner voice had always said, it was what I already knew from the deep and I had never known how to express.

I started to talk again and from that day I had lengthy discussions with that Aghori Baba who not ever wished that to be called guru but whom, more than anything else, was a spiritual father full of love. Many have been its precious lessons that I've let me immerse in the magical world of  Tantra.

The days steal away and most of the time I was sitting near the dhuni, just sometimes some pilgrims or some Baba devotees broke that atmosphere full of meanings.

After a few months I was there to do the pujari at GoriSomnath Mandir between the verses of the peacocks and the cries of the apes.

From that place my heart never went away, how could I leave!

Govinda Das Aghori


GoriSomnath Mandir




Jai Ma my meeting with the Mother by Govinda Das Aghori


I see the Mother in everything. I see Her in the grass, in mountains, in the water, in all the live being, in the universe, in my parents, in my wife, in my children, in my sister and in my brother. Sometimes Ma, the Mother, manifest herself to us in a particular form: for blessing us, to show us a way, to help us in a moment of great difficulty, because we stressed Her with our endless prayers, because birth after birth we ask her to come in front of us. Rare are this occasions, precious presents that let us have a personal relationship with God.


With humility I would like to tell you about my meeting with the Great Mother, to many it will seam a delirium of a fool but for me it was a cardinal point in my spiritual path.


Since a while I stayed in Omkareshwar with Krishna Das Aghori in his small ashram, studying yantra, the graphic representation of the Divine; studying mantra and its great power; practicing Aghora Sadhana under Krishna Das Aghori careful supervision. Days flow and every day I was more enriched.

I always was been in good health during my journeys in India but in those days I had an infection to a thigh that had produced a big quantity of pus.  Krishna Das, after giving me various medicinal herbs that nothing made against that infection, advised me to go to the Indore hospital to make an incision and gave me his devotee address, a jain, that live close to the hospital and can gave me hospitality. So I decided to leave for Indore (three hours by bus from Omkareshwar) and treat the infection to the hospital.

Everything gone well and after the incision practiced at the hospital (I had almost half kilo of pus) they told me to stay some days at rest so I went to Baba’s  jain devotee. Everyone knows how sacred is hospitality in India and my jain brother gave me all his loving care to overcome what seem to me an unpleasant unforeseen event. Some days of convalescence later staying together with the wonderful jain family, always with a light fever, I decide to come back to Omkareshwar. To reach the top of the Om island, where Krishna Das Aghori’s dhuni (sacred fire) was, you should climb an ancient long steps. I arrived on top but the light fever become an heavy one, as soon as I reach Baba’s ashram I collapse, I fainted in front of dhuni. I had 42° C temperature and I was starting to be in raptures, people around me vanished and in my mind there was only: “Jai Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma!” . Luckily Baba knows what to do in case of high fever and lovely take care of me.


In the fever delirium I had an only vision: a thin girl, with an humble gray dress, big black eyes and a sweet smile, brought me some water in a skull bowl. In the delirium I drunk the water and thank her. She had a familiar face but I can’t remember where I saw her. Despite her humble dressing her beauty was incommensurable and she emanate a shining aura. I drunk again from her bowl and the vision start to vanish leaving the place to Krishna Das Aghori’s smiling face. The temperature went down and I was feeling better. Baba told me that in the past 48 hours I was unconscious, with very high fever raving incomprehensible phrases. Immediately I told Baba in great detail  my vision, he assented saying that Ma came to save me and that I had to thanks that fever because of it I could test one of the most sublime experience: the meeting with the Mother. I don’t understand, that girl was Ma, the Mother? Or was just a delirium of a feverish stupid? I went back over the discussion on my vision with Krishna Das Aghori but he had no doubts that girl was Durga Ma and besides he told me that ones the Mother come to us She never leave, She will be always with us. Surely this experience deep marked me. That face change my vision of the world, I find it everywhere, I see Her in the grass, in mountains, in the water, in all the live being, in the universe, in my parents, in my wife, in my children, in my sister and in my brother. She never leave me.


Jai Ma

Govinda Das Aghori







I observed for a long time Baba Krishna Das Aghori, I observed him in his small gestures, when he was stilling with that look far and infinite, when he was staring at the sacred fire of dhuni when he was smiling like a child. I observed him trying to capture in his gesture that wisdom that every pore of his skin seemed to emanate. I observed his refined and regal manners, as if he was the king of the world. What struck me about him was how could coexist in the same time the detachment typical of sadhus of his lineage with the loving gaze of a father. I observed him while he was following my movements, like a mother who observes the actions of his son, catching errors, distractions and smears of my actions but always with compassionate eyes, full of love.

I observed his watching every little thing, in silence, always in full awareness of everything that was happening around him, anything eluded him , he seemed to count steps of ants, and at the same time he followed the movement of the clouds.


I listened for a long time to Baba Krishna Das Aghori, I listened to him in the recitation of mantras, in the explanation of the structure of the Yantra and their proper use, in the epic stories of the gods and how they were all One, Sabka malik ek. I listened with great interest to anecdotes about his guru, Manohar Das Aghori and the plots that Aghoris have with the various religions in India, and how in reality an Aghori cannot be identified with any of the religions, but at the same time embracing all. I listened to him in his thesis, in his explanations of reality. I listened to him reading my body and my mind, always infallible to center and to untie the crucial knot.

I listened to his songs full of devotion, his out of tune that sounded like a jazz solo.

But above all, I listened to his silences filled with a communication that touched levels unattainable by gestures or words.


And just thinking that who was for me a loving father to many others aroused a mixture of fear, respect and veneration. Many people plucked only marginal aspects of that Aghori world, seeing only the surface or small parts of it and never going deep to discover the simple truth of that reality. Many saw him as a kind of magician convinced that all their wishes would come true, that would solve every little problem, and relieve all their suffering, immersed in selfishness of their demands. He smiled and gave everyone the ashes of dhuni as a remedy for all ills. In fact many of those people did not understand the profound meaning of that gesture, they were not aware of the illusion of their little problems. That pure white ash has many meanings, is vibhuti. The Sacred Fire burns everything, and what remain are only ashes. It symbolizes the essence of all things in this universe. It reminds us of how Shiva burned the God of Desire, Kama and reduced him to ashes with a single glance of his third eye because he tried to dissuade him from meditation. It is a warning to deter us from our worldly desires that wrap the spirit in illusion.

Many saw him as a Saint maybe because unable to grasp the holiness that everyone has, perhaps because unable to surrender to his Holiness leaving it naturally bloom by itself. Some even saw it as an evil demon dwelling only more colorful aspects of reality, and behind them a very frightened by human skulls hanging near the dhuni without ever wondering why that symbolism. If the laughed the Baba, if you laughed about everything and everyone and I said that we want to do this is samsara.

Many saw him as a saint maybe because of their inability of grasping the holiness that each of us has, perhaps because of their inability to surrender to his holiness leaving it naturally bloom in itself.

Some even saw him as an evil demon focusing only on the most colorful of the Aghori reality, disgusted and frightened by human skulls hanging near the dhuni without questioning the reason for that symbolism.

Baba laughed, he laughed about everything and everyone and said to me what you gonna do, this is samsara.

Govinda Das Aghori







Stories from Radhika Dasi Aghori


It was in the mid 1990s when I was at Guruji's Ashram. All of a sudden I got very sick. It was in the rainy season. I had high fever, diarrhea, couldn't eat or get up and was in horrible condition.

Babaji was very worried and spent day and night at my side, feeding me water with a spoon, cleaning me and all the bedsheets....

No doctor was ready to go the hundreds of steps up to Gauri Somnath mandir and our Ashram.

So, one day Guruji gave me some Bhasma (ashes) from the Dhuni (fireplace) to eat.

After I swallowed it, somehow I fell asleep.

After some time, I saw in distance a very bright shiny white light. When I concentrated on it, it became bigger and very, very bright.

All of a sudden it looked like a tunnel and with very high speed I was like flying through that tunnel.

All of a sudden I was on the lap of MAHAKAALI. She was sitting with crossed legs and I was laying on the lap like a rolled up little cat. Very gently she was touching me and telling that nothing to worry, everything is fine...


At that moment I had an idea of what SAT CHIT ANAND is...

Not comparable with any kind of normal human feelings.

After some time I opened my eyes. Guruji was giving me the Trishul of the Mahakali Murthi as a present.


After that experience with Mahakali, I am not afraid of death.


As I have a run, one story for Guruji:

Around 2010 one very old pandit ji used to make his daily Parikarma of the Aum in Omkareshwar. As he was passing from our Ashram, he used to put daily one oil lamp in the temple next to the way.

One day Panditji came inside and told one story:

He came every day, put the Deepak and left with Guruji, talking with him on his way home.

One day, Panditji was thinking, "how is that possible? Babaji is dead."


After that was no more company of Guruji.


Radhika Dasi Aghori


One day Sri Niwas Ji told me, if I want Guruji always with me, I should hold both ankles of his feet and worship them...

. Once in a dream I only saw the walking feet of Guruji.

. Next time I saw the legs of Guruji in Padma Asana.

. Third time I was sitting with Babloo and Dinesh at a table, drinking tea when Guruji came, sitting with us at the table.

I asked both boys, if Guruji is really there. They told me yes.

So I was tweaking Guruji in his arm and I was convinced, yes he is there.

When I wanted to touch his legs he started to run away. Quickly I followed him. All of a sudden he jumped in a small white car and drove away. A friend of mine she jumped in front of the car to stop him, but no chance.

When he tried to escape he recognized, that the road ended at a wall.

Quickly he got out of the car and started to hide himself.

On both sides of the road where parking cars.

He went to the right side, between the cars...

I thought, sure I find him left side...




Radhika Dasi Aghori







Meeting Aghoris!

by Niraj Kumar

Aghoris, the word causes shivers in spine. There are stories about aghoris in each & every hamlet of India & Nepal. It is said that they possess unlimited powers over nature, can conquer death, materialize objects, eat human flesh, faeces & live in extreme impurity, sometimes totally naked. Spiritual practioners associate aghoris with the five Ms sadhna that involves getting to a non-dual state of mind through impurity like meat, wine, fish, women. Robert E. Svoboda's trilogy on Aghori Vimalananda in Aghora, popularized the sect in the West. Indic spiritual tradition bifurcates into two main arteries-Vedas & Agamas. While Vedas are the path of purity towards the Absolute, Agamas involve the path of Tantra. In Vedas, mind & fire are the way to reach God. Therfore, sacrifices, oblations and idea of Atman burning like a a lamp predominates. Knowledge descends through Samadhi and thence one can self-realize. Agamas make 'body' as the path to self-realization. In tantras, 'body' is not inferior to mind rather ladder to achieve Higher Consciousness. Extreme obsession with body caused the development of multiple bodily techniques, energy point & energy flow system within body.Hathyoga and concept of coiled energy in the form of a subtle serpent underlies tantric path. Buddhism & Hinduism as well as Taoist quest for immortality and God-like state within human life led to refinement in development of chakra theories, qi-kong, tai-chi, reiki & many more practices. All three philosophies had strongly supported, exchanged & influenced each other in developing the science of subtle energies. While Nagarjuna is credited with making Nalanda the centre of excellence in teaching tantra, other Mahasiddhas like Macchendranath, Gorakhnath strongly influenced the growth of Kashmir Saiva tantras, Bengal's Shakta tantras ,Oriya tantra as well as Tibetan Vajrayana that now hold sway over the Himalayas & across it. Within tantras, there is another level of differentiation-dakshinmarg & Vammarga. While Dakshinmargi uses mantra & mudras for worshipping various form of Shakti, the extreme left-handed path of Vammarga uses dreaded five Ms like meat, wine & sexual act in their path of achieving non-duality. Aghoris are on the extreme left of this spectrum and they even indulge in macabre practises like cannibalism , drinking urine, copulation with corpse (necrophilia), in their urge to obliterate any duality even between pure & impure & to achieve non-dual state of mind. This sect is an offshoot of the famous Kapaliks of Kashmir Saivism who carried human skull as a symbol of sect . Baba Kinaram of Varanasi reformed & revived the sect during 17th century. For Dakshinmargis, Purnananda's Sata-Cakra-Nirupam, a 16th century text of Bengal can be termed classic. For Vammargis including Aghor sect, Abhinavagupta's Tantraloka, a 10th century text of Kashmir can be considered classic. But, there is so much of misinterpretation & abuse by Vammargis that most of them fall prey to delirium and psychosis by obsessive indulgence in ugly, impure & social taboos in their self-discovery.

Encountering Aghoris

While I was mere 6-7 years old, I first heard about an Aghori from father's mouth. We were living in a government bungalow in interiors of Hindi hertland in Bhagalpur district. Appearance of aghoris dressed in all-black cause awe & multiplying rumours among village folk. My father had gone for a morning walk and he was face to face with an aghori. The aghori narrated something about our family & father was sharing that secret thing with mother. I overheard & shivered with joy. An incessant thinking process started- Who are they? What do they do? How do they know everything? Should I learn to conquer fear like they do? And, I started fiddling with dangers to overcome fear. Sometimes getting hold of snakes, or hanging & moving using the dilapidated wooden beam placed on a huge well almost filled with monsoon water to reach the other end of well, jumping into river, playing with fire & visiting ruins of old buildings in evening hoping to confront ghost. Sometimes I landed in serious troubles due to this audacity. Once I decided to cross a field where hundreds od dangerous buffalos wer grazing. No one dared. I chanted newly learnt Gayatri mantra & entered this battle ground. Some stared. I controlled my throbs, perspiration all across body & suddenly a buffalo rushed , picked me on horns & put me down. That was such a scary thing. Buffalo was going to pierce me. I ran, buffalo after me. I survived. there was not much injury to spinal cord, but I mustered no further courage to confront buffalos again. But, the strong urge & my chutzpah nature to discover aghori's power grew stronger. I heard the sound of a sarangi one day. A wandering Natha sadhu was playing the music. It touched some chord in my heart. That sound still reverberates when I go silent. I went after the Yogi and took a firm decision to leave family to learn & wander playing sarangi. I took away clothes, fully naked & told mother that I was leaving home to become a sadhu. I was not even seven years. My good luck that father was not there & I escaped his anger. This fascination in early phase of childhood with aghoris & nathas impelled me on a path in my adolescence which now seems so funny, childish & mere an addiction of adolescece. Certain strong bodily processes unfolded while I just finished my 10th standard. I have narrated the story in one of my notes" Twenty Years of Inner Pilgrimage-From Resonance to Spanda-karika". By 1991, I was certain that I will be a monk and shared my dreams with my girlfriend whom I intensely loved. That was the paradox. All the boundaries between mundane & transcendental realm was collapsing. But, I was never a lonely man. Full of friends, well-wisher, guides. I am gregarious in nature. Same year, I happened to go to Varanasi. My father suggested that if I could get an opportunity, I must go & have darshan of Aghoreshwar Ram, 12th in lineage of Baba Kina Ram. His ashram, Sri Sarveshwari Samooh is situated on the other bank of the Ganga. There were various stories in media those days as one of his visitor, Chandrashekhar had become the Prime Minister of India. When I reached Varanasi, I thought of first rushing to his ashram at the earliest & then getting fresh over there itself to have his darshan at the earliest. When I reached the ashram, I was searching lavatories & bathroom to fresh myself. Must I admit, I was more unclean than many of those aghoris. Rightly or wrongly, I reached the darshan-point. Aghoreshwar's wooden khadaon, slippers were placed on a pedestal & many were paying obeisance to the pair of slippers. I couldn't tolerate. Anger was bursting forth. I was accusing the egoist mindset of the aghori. And in anger wandered into garden side. Someone called me. I was so angry that I ignored that. An attendant told Bhagwan Ram, Aghoreshwar's popular name, is calling me. I couldn't chew my anger even. What a surprise! A saint in white clothes with a white banyan unlike black-dressed aghoris, was standing before me. I touched his feet. He asked me to follow. He sat on a chabutara. Thence, asked about me & my background. He asked me to seek any boon. I thought & sought "god". He was amused. I prostrated on ground, looked towards Him & what a splendid vision I had. There was huge burst of awareness & I felt the expansion of consciousness.Aghoreshwar was a great saint & reached the pinnacle of self-realization through Aghora marg. He embedded himself with social causes. He was running an excellent hospital for lepers. IF IMPURITY IS ALSO THE PATHWAY TOWARDS GOD, WHAT BETTER THAN SERVING THE LEPERS! I really curse myself for not visiting him frequently. He left this earthly abode in 1992. I was a born rebel against every institution. Digging own path & own roots, I often succeeded in failures! Next year, I took initiation fron a Great Yogi of Ramakrishna Order. Something profound was now happening. Attachment with body had minimized after conducting dissections of human corpses/cadaver in Anatomy classes while studying Medicine. Classroom became the cremation ground for developing sense of non-discrimination! Suddenly in 1994, I was hit by another bout of resolving the riddle of death & overcoming the existential dread of death. I began to frequent Varanasi. Bhagwan Ram was not there to guide. Some sadhaks suggested me to meet Aghori Gambhira Beer at Manikarnika cremation ground in Varanasi. Whenever I went there, he was engrossed in samadhi for 4-5 hours at stretch. Then, he would get up, won't interact. I would use time visiting Saranath & meditating under the Peepul Tree. I thought perhps it was not in my destiny to meet him. One sadhak suggested me to discuss my problems with Lal Baba who ate human flesh fron burning pyre even during daytime. I found him to be more a psychotic & quite ignorant of higher dimensions of Reality. He was a mere cannibal. On the other hand, Gambhira exuded energy. Even watching him in Samadhi, one can experience the strong detachment from the world & strange feelings would engulf. I went many times & could finally talk to him in December 1994 after one year sojourn. Gambhira asked me to share lunch. He ate khichdi. I miss sharing the simple food. My sense of prejudice was still there. How could have I eaten meal served on floor (no plates, papers or evn leave-plates) in a cremation ground? He told about his own journey & suggested that since I was seeking God, I shall achieve my goal by practising at home alone. He said even he was striving to achieve same goal but promised that whenever I need to run some spiritual business, he would be happy to impart siddhis to me. He knew I didn't want that. It was in later years that journalists used to throng around him. Once a news channel aired the footage of Gambhira eaing corpse. Still, I have high regards for him. He never leaves his Dhuni at Manikarnika, practises extreme austerities. He is a full Vedantist during daytime & aghormargi during night. Balancing two extreme paths at same time is difficult and that too when you are always in the public gaze as no cave, no hut, no ashram at Manikarnika Dhuni where Gambhira lives. I am lucky to get opportunity to stay with them during night & could decipher the acausal logic these sadhaks engage with while communicating with different worlds.There are some instances to share. A sadhak, normally dressed in shirt & pant , always kept a snake which he claimed to be poisonous. Snake used to wrap around his wrists. That way, he could identify himself with Siva. While tantrik practises involves raising & controlling the serpent energy within, this sadhak actually tamed a physical snake and by homology intended to transfer the effect within. Similarly, another sadhak used to apply ash of owl bones so that he could see into extreme darkness & minimize the need to carry a torch at night. For him, reason was clear. Owls can look into darkness. By applying the ash, this power can be transferrd to him. Similarly, Gambhira talked about" bhag me ling, ling me para; jo rakhe so guru hamara"! He was pointing to mastery of vajroli, non-ejaculative orgasm while copulating with female partner as the real characteristic of a Guru! But, equating semen with mercury is again based on same acusal structural homologous logic. Now, it was clear to me that why in these sects sadhaks consumed small dose of mercury to attain immortality. Immortality is identified with preserving the semen, source of life. Mercury appears like semen..silvery, sticky, viscous glue. By consuming mercury, the life-enhancement can be effected. I would term this kind of non-causal thinking as a sort of morphological resonance of ideas through which action can be transferred. Therefore, trying to understand these marga from causal perspective mostly leads to erroneous views. I was quite fascinated but at the same time disenchanted. Very few aim to achieve God-realization.

That year itself (1994), I got an opportunity to visit Ujjain & Omkareshwar in Central India. Both are the centre of major Jyotirlingas that signify Siva. I was accompanying my father. We reached Omkareshwar on the bank of NARMADA, late in the evening. The famous Jyotirlinga temple is located in Om-shaped island. Here, great saints like Samkaracarya received knowledge. When we crossed the footbridge above Narmada, I asked a passer-by the way to the main temple. He showed the way & suggested to even visit the ashram of Baba Krishna Das. We rushed to the temple and attended the full evening aarti. When, the door was shut, we thought of just roaming the other floors of the temple. We had not taken any decision to visit Baba's ashram.When we were on 2nd floor, it was almost dark. Near a pillar, both of us had a sudden physical shock. It was as if I had touched a 220 Volt naked electric wire. We were thrown few feet behind. I shuddered. Whole air was electrically charged. My heart beat was so fast & feet still. There was a kind of stambhan. An old sadhu was lying. He sits back & lit a match-stick to smoke bidi. My father immediately fell on his feet. I couldn't. I was into another dimension of consciousness. We immediately left the place and in bazaar made an arrangement for night stay. I meditated, tried to know, who he could be. I was swooning. I had a horrific dream as well as a shabby discharge. I got up, felt so guilty but couldnt make out anything. I had seen my father in dream meeting serious accident & lying injured in the bushes. Thence, I saw him in a hospital's 2nd floor. It was vivid, very powerful & I knew it was going to be true. I went into silence. I prayed Siva to save him from untoward incidence. We again went to the temple. We tried to find out the old sadhu. He was nowhere. Within a year, my father met with a serious train accident. That time, I had pemonition of his road accident . He had come to meet us. I along with younger brother were living in the city. I forced him to go back to ancestral home 30 km away so that he could be safe. And the train journey ended with this accident. He was lying in bushes. An old widow & her sons rescued him & took to nearby Hospital. Hereceived injury exactly at same point which I had dreamt. He was saved. When he was shifted to 2nd floor of hospital & he was walking while recuperating from wounds, both of us could relate the manifeastation of dream & grateful for saving from certain death due to the grace of electrifying unknown saint. I was always eager to know who that unknown saint was and told people many a times that the unknown saint was emblem of genuinity. He preferred anonymity & worked in the world unlike our own hundreds of corporate spiritualists. My fascination with cremation ground & practises grew stronger. I left studies of medicine and bacame an ardent follower of Marxism during daytime & practioner of secret energy during nights, This was another paradox settling its own course inside.I started visiting cremation grounds without any guide in the field at late nights and used to practise sadhna near burning pyre. Peace & emptiness of mind was overwhelming. Many a times, other tantriks abused me, threatened me. But, often when I sat, black dogs would rush & sit around me. They were merely responding in Pavlovial way. Other practioners must be feeding meat & fishes to them, so dogs expected same from me. Now, tantriksstopped threatening. For them, dogs are the carrier of Kala Bhairav, the form of Siva that rules smashan, the cremation ground.One of my friends, a well known tantrik suggested me tio use some wine during sadhna. He narrated how he was supposed to perform puja and upon instruction of his Guru based in Datiya, Madhya Pradesh, he was completing chanting of 125 thousand times mantra. He finished arduous sadhna. Nothing happened. He kept on doing. Three lakh, four lakh..ten lakh. Ultimately, he decided to offer branded whiskey to Kala Bhairav. He narrated happily that this bore fruit. Divine Mother appeared in his dreams & blessed him. Such are the anecdotes from night-life oif dreaded cremation ground. I found that in Ujjain, where popular siddhi temple of Kal Bhairav is situated & statue of Bhairav drinks wine when same is offered, people offer best wine to appease God. Human nature & frailty is sometimes so funny to watch. I have fond memories of association with another aghori during this time. He could create atmosphere of cremation ground wheresoever he willed. Burning smell of human flesh would irritate the senses. He roamed many years in Tibet & Himalayas & came back to social life to get his daughter married & fulfill his family obligation. I got married in 2000. My fascination with this esoteric cult ebbed

A message!

May be it was lurking inside a silent corner waiting an opportune time to strile my normalcy again. Facebook became the messanger. On the eve of Diwali, a Facebook friend, Aghori Govind Das sent me a video of Baba Kishan Das of Omkareshwar. Generally, I dont watch videos and more engrossed with phonetic world. I was impelled to watch. This video I posted many a times. I was totally blown away. I identified the Sadhu who gave me darshan at Omkareshwar in 1994. I immediately contacted Brother Govind . He said, he was there in Omkareshwar in 1994 and eschewed that Baba never left his Dhuni, the sacred fire which is considered manifestation of Siva Himself. Who was He then? Was He an astral projection of Baba Krishna Das? Could Baba exist in multiple bodies simultaneously? Did His blessings saved my father? Various personal encounters in Assam & Jammu/Kashmir with practioners have made me to conclude that sadhaks posing for dramatic visuals eating corpses, living naked in cremation ground, practising macabre & bizarre are mere the scum of this pure marg. Pure Aghoris are pure in mind without any discriminationor fear and do not indulga in voyeurism. Logic based on structural resonance through which transference of merit or consciousness is expected leads the ignorant sadhaks of Vammarg to fulfill their desires of transgression & sexual fetishism under the garb of five Ms; without properly understanding the marg.Five Ms are subtle in meaning. Orgasm occurs when polarity within collapses into non-dual state. I vouchsafe sexual orgasm is not the instat experience of this Pure Consciousness. Lot of foolish teachings have been bombarded by corporate spiritualists who give false hope of delivering superconsciousness through sex! Aghoris practise pure, non-discriminatory path of using Body to conquer fear & prejudices and to ahieve the state of non-duality. Pure Aghoris are innocent, lovely, ever kind , merciful & bless you whenever you seek them out. They are apparently bundle of contradictions as for them non-duality is the only aspect of existence. Who can be better example than ShambhuSiva? Om namah Sivaya!

(Written on 22.10.2009 by Niraj Kumar )








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